Stealthy snowmen

With all the snow that has been falling, it was a natural event.  A group of young men walking to the dining hall discovered that the snow conditions were perfect for harvesting large chunks of snow.  One of the men [who shall remain nameless…] gathered a piece that was nearly the size of his own torso, and without question from his cohorts, brought the piece into the freshmen dorms. 

Not wanting to create a dorm versus dorm war, the nameless man decided to simply walk the giant piece through the hall.  That is until he found an open door with two unsuspecting freshmen watching some idiotic reality show inside.  In the nameless man walked, presenting the large, frozen gift to the young, frightened student.  After being rejected by the young man, the group headed back outside.

On the way back to their own dorms, the group grabbed two large chunks and contemplated the best method for their disposal.  One of the men suggested disposal in a shower stall of a neighboring suite.  So it was.  And it was good.  At least we thought so.

It has been said that revenge is a dish best served cold.  So, does cold mean days, or months, or years; or does it simply mean that your target does not expect retalliation?  Eating joyfully at one of the campus eateries, together with those whose shower was so recently “snowed in”, all seemed calm.  Finishing early, some of the men decided to leave.  It wasn’t until later that we realized everyone who left were victims of the snow caper.

Upon arriving in their suite, one of our heroes [who are all gentlemen and scholars] noticed the floor in his room was unusually damp.  The air was full of strange humid aromas that were reminiscent of cold weather camping, and the nameless man turned on the light to the bathroom. 

I…uh…The namless man did not know how so much snow could have been put into such a small space in such a short period of time.  It was as if frosty himself had crapped himself silly on the toilet, cut of his arms off in the sinks, and melted the rest of himself in the shower. 

Half an hour later we had the mess cleaned up, and celebrated with a movie and drinks.  Just remember: revenge is a never ending cycle, and certainly a dish best served cold.