An unnecessarily long title to describe a seemingly inconsequential event; aka: ramblings of a silly fluffball mechE in northern New York

I tend to acknowledge the beginning of spring by a few environmental indicators including, but not limited to:

1. The smell of the earth becoming unfrozen

2. Birds returning to grace the treetops [and defile our cars…]

3. An uncontrollable urge to clean

4. Girls in skirts

So, it would seem, spring has indeed arrived.  The heavy snow pack has completely melted in the past three days, birds are crapping on my car, skirts are appearing more often, and I want to vaccuum in the worst possible way.  Yet, I think April showers have arrived too early, and are simply playing a cruel joke on good old Jack Frost.  Rest assured that soon Mr. Frost will discover that daylight savings time has been moved foreward.  Then he will, with the fury of all that is demonic plus two fluffy hampsters and several ears of corn, plunge us back into a freeze that spring will have to battle day and night to overcome.

Spring break – travel problems + decent weather – mechanical breakdowns + time – other people making commitments for me = mountain biking!!!