Death of the dreamer

Dreams motivate.
Dreams inspire.
Dreams distract.
Dreams injure.
Dreams die.

Does the dreamer determine the life of a dream?
Or does the dream control the perspective of the dreamer?
Can that which surrounds the dreamer influence a dream?
Why do dreams eventually stop giving the dreamer hope?
Does the dreamer stop believing in the dream and begin to wake?
Realize that life simply unfolds without regard for dreams?
Or does the dream eventually grow weak and perish?
What fate then awaits the dreamer?
A woken dreamer can only see the past that might have been.
And take solace in the fantasy until it no longer breathes.
For in the vanishing dream’s wake exists the present.
A truth becoming silent in the heart of the dream.
So tragic is the wanderer who lost the dream to weakness.
And who leaves the dream alone to grieve.
For whom else would mourn the loss of the dreamer?