Back in the saddle (or on it, at least)

Wow. Where did the summer go?  It has been said that time flies when you are having fun; and it has also been said that as you get older, time goes faster.  I think I can generalize this slippery phenomenon into one  sweet little passage.

“Time flies when you have a deadline”

School this year will be interesting, as classes are converging towards the end which I have been seeking for seven years now.  Graduation.  I will be graduating in December, which is hopefully a blessing in disguise, and I was surprised to learn that my father also graduated in December (a couple of years back). 

So, it is nose to the grindstone, buckle down, study hard, eat ramen, pull all-nighters, party hearty, and somehow wind up on a stage wearing a modified mason’s tray with a tassel; and having no idea where the years went.

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