How to be famous without killing people at a mall

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How to be Famous without Killing People at a Mall

Are you a teen looking for a purpose? Depressed and think you have it bad? Well here are a few things you can do in your community to put things back into perspective:

1) Smile and say hello to everyone you meet.
2) Become a volunteer (thousands of places to choose from).
3) Give what you can to those in need.
4) Help a child read.
5) Shovel a driveway for a senior (and expect nothing in return)
6) Help a teen get off of drugs.
7) Feed the hungry
8) Donate Blood
9) Go shopping for the elderly
10) Visit a sick child

You will become famous in your community for helping others.

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11) Try inventing – create something for someone else
12) Try art – create something for yourself that others like
13) Pick up a camera and shoot with that, instead
14) Spend some time as a bell-ringer (tis the season!)
15) Try to break a record – maybe in competitive eating?
16) No, seriously, try – the Guiness book has lots to choose from
17) Extreme sports: People you don’t even know will cheer for you!
18) Build something. (Playgrounds are a good start.)
19) Write a book.
20) Start a blog. (If I can do it you can!)

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21: Sit in a different seat every day [classes, lunchroom, etc.]. You will make new friends.
22: Dispose of litter that you run across.
23: Be a friend to someone who is lonely.
24: Write a friendly letter and send it to someone in your nieghborhood you don’t know.
25: Be honest to everyone, all the time…especially yourself!
26: Walk places when you can – talk to the people you see.
27: Start a club – biking, reading, movie, study, etc.
28: Do something that you love publicly [sing, dance, read]; it will inspire others!
29: Carry out a fundraiser for a worthy cause.
30: Don’t just talk a good game, back it up with positive action. 

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