Somehow, time has a peculiar manner of sneaking by, announcing its presence only when, say, a final exam is nearing commencement.  I don’t know where the time went, but do any of us?  I can seldom think of an activity that slows the clock anymore, except during a recitative lecture in fluid mechanics in the early afternoon [when most of our bio-clocks say we should be napping]

Battle tactics, 11 December, 2006:

06:00:00 – sit up in bed and destroy alarm clock.  Again.

06:00:15 – morning constitutional.

06:00:18 – dress in comfortable exercise clothing and run down to the gym…what?…of course, I realize only three seconds have passed, maybe you just need some practice!

06:05:00 – cardio work out on the rowing machine

07:04:42 – shower

07:05:00 – depart for chow hall [what, can’t you take a satisfying 18 second shower?].

07:08:00 – eat.  food. 

07:30:00 – return to room, prepare notes and writing utencils.

07:35:00 – nap time.

08:02:37 – wake up and run frantically to the final that I am already two minutes and thirty seven seconds late for.

08:04:00 – arrive to the final and realize I have the formula sheet and books for the wrong exam.

11:00:01 – walk out of examination room holding buttocks to prevent them from falling off.

11:06:00 – create battle tactics for Tuesday.


Back in reality, I have five finals this week.  It will be wonderful to have them out of the way.  It will signify my continuing approach to graduate status, let alone establish me as a matriculated student at Clarkson University.  Woah.  Half an hour gone already.  CURSE YOU, TIME!!!

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