High priority

1. What is your top priority at this very moment?  2. What is the scope of the event it entails?  3. What would it take to convince you that something else is more important?  An answer to these questions was presented just the other morning.

ESPN.com reported a pregnant woman, not wanting her husband to miss an all important NFL playoff game, decided to have labor induced early.  So, answering the questions posed above, 1. make sure the money was not wasted on NFL tickets; 2. capitalism and the proliferation of overpaid players; 3. the possibility that the birth of your child may interfere with attending a football game.


How do you explain that to your now eight year old child?? 

[go colts]

Here’s a thought…in light of dave’s recent post which discusses mandatory annual testing for drivers over the age of 65 [a great idea], why not liscence parents too? 


AAAANNNDDD, i’m done.