…and just then, this giant CGI dinosaur with a rhinoceros on it’s back trotted towards them…

“April showers bring May flowers”.  Except, maybe when those showers are snow showers.  Luckily, a seven foot snowman keeps watch over the field.  He lists dangerously to one side before the wind knocks him to the ground.  The weather is not particularly favorable for bike riding, although some hardcore riders may beg to differ.  Nonetheless, I don’t think I’ll see any more trails up here this year [grrrrrrrrrr]. 

This snow is the kind that you love when you are five and don’t have to wash your own socks when they get totally soaked with freezing water.  It is so wet that it is turning grey from being saturated with water.  There is no longer six inches of snow on the ground.  It is four inches of slush.  I don’t even have any more highly concentrated, artificially sweetened, somewhat hydroginated, wjowsa colored syrup to pour on it and sell as a slushie! 

We can’t even make snowmen anymore, which is a real shame because we had planned on making a snowman family in one of the freshman dorm bathrooms.  And by planned, I mean ‘mentioned in passing to other delinquents’.  And by making a snowman family, I mean ‘talk about making a snowman family until it becomes too late in the evening and we are all like “[yawn] I’m tired, what’s on T.V.?'”.

P.S.: wjowsa. google it. you’ll be glad you did.

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